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Torrent Video Player 1.0.1 Build
Torrent Video Player 1.0.1 Build

An unusual video player that allows you to play audio and video files from the torrent trackers without downloading. Using this application you can watch video from torrents without having to wait until the file is downloaded completely. You can also use it to play any file.

Usually, to watch the video film, have to download it first, and then open media player. Why wait when you can watch online right away? If the user has a good network capacity, when properly selected torrent files, video and audio track begins to play is just a few seconds. Additional controls also allow the user to control the play list, and any other action with the ability to stop the flow of the torrent file, if necessary. No extra codecs (but if necessary, you can use external codecs). It is simple to use, powerful and extensible. Experimental support for playing Blu-ray discs (except drives with protection). Support for the latest multi-core processors, the use of GPU to decode the video.


Allows you to watch video directly from torrent.

Supports built-in video formats (MP4, mov, 3GP, MPV).

Supports rewind while downloading.

Supports encrypted connection.

Supports AirPlay! Watch movies without extensive prior expectations! Based on the popular media player VLC. It has a friendly interface, convenient keys and updated design.

About Portable

Works without installation on your computer and does not register in the system, packaged in a single file.

Supported file formats:

Supports all popular multimedia files:



MP4 / MOV / 3GP

OGG / OGM / Annodex

Matroska (MKV)


WAV ( including DTS)

Raw Audio: DTS, AAC, AC3/A52

Raw DV


FLV (Flash)

Standard MIDI / SMF

Creative Voice