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Lexware Taxman 2013 German Substance

TAXMAN 2013 knows all the tax gimmicks and tricks to use all available savings options - and for every tax situation. Thanks to the immediate review of your information is correct you from start to finish on the safe side.

Control made easy

TAXMAN 2013 makes it easy for the tax return. With video introduction and step-by-step guide will take you effortlessly from A to Z.

Perfect for ...

... all workers, families, investors, homeowners, foreign workers, commuters, self-employed, freelancers and professionals, students and those who have to give away nothing in the tax return.

Basic functions for your 2012 tax return

  • Multimedia Interview "My TAXMAN" for easy entry program - and the rapid understanding of the personal circumstances
  • Data transfer from the previous year, with immediate updating of data - the tax return in minutes
  • Home page for quick access to all program areas

Including all statutory tax changes

  • Pressure of the tax return in the official forms or on blank paper with support for A3 and duplex printing
  • Elster - Electronic tax return of online transmission of data to the tax authorities including digital signature *

Valuable tax-saving tips

  • Tax savings bond, which reports every month on interesting tax changes and provided with tips for saving *
  • Consulting with personal advice and tips, comparison calculations discretions, instructions, etc.
  • Guide bar, which always provides all relevant content and support to each interview page
  • Control and speedometer barometers for a quick glance at the current tax calculation
  • Extensive testing for correctness and unused savings
  • Videos, tax tips and checklists to key tax issues

Job aids and organizational aids

  • Application for Wage Tax Reduction 2013
  • Previous year's tax calculation
  • Tax Planner 2013
  • Revenue surplus computers for 2012 and 2013 including VAT return
  • Travel Cost Calculator for the tax service Travel Expenses 2011 with electronic logbook
  • Document Manager facilitates the management and simple assignment of evidence
  • Annotated tax bill
  • Numerous sample letters
  • Help & Support Center - clearly all aids in the program and quick access
  • The Lexware Info Service Assistant you automatically with all the updates to the program *
  • Import data from Quicken and NEW QuickImmobilie

Extensive tax knowledge

  • TAXMAN control manual with over 600 pages
  • NEW Completely revised TAXMAN library with all tax assistance, legislation, judgments, directives, etc. and lots of extras
  • Tax portal on the Internet with plenty of current information on the subject of taxes and tax free Newsletter

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