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LeaderTask - this is a business organizer for leaders! Smart project management, events, tasks, contacts, frees you from the routine and give more time for creativity. LeaderTask will help you get rid of various sinks of time will help you see a clear vision of life, to have a detailed review of cases, the tasks you set higher goals and achieve them. In addition, LeaderTask - it is also a convenient project manager, with which you can easily plan and control your personal affairs as well as business projects.


  • Calendar - a convenient overview of the tasks for the day, week, month.
  • Planning for the day. LeaderTask will help to create an hourly schedule the task for the day.
  • The organization of labor. The program will help keep track of contracts, invoices, payments and other documents, products, and services. The program automates the activities of sales, planning, finance department. You can also automate and other various tasks.
  • Organizer. LeaderTask is easy to use, easy to install on your office or home computer. We offer manual, offline-and online-help, which makes use of the program even easier and more affordable.
  • Diary. LeaderTask - organizer for scheduling daily tasks, use it as a diary to manage tasks.
  • General Plan. Viewing periods in the calendar grid. Editing tasks, reminders in the calendar. Creating personal calendars, creating repetitive tasks.
  • Planning for the enterprise - LeaderTask scheduler can be used for business management - business meetings, storing business contacts, plans projects for planning.
  • Wallet. LeaderTask can be used as an electronic wallet or a password manager. The wallet is used to store confidential information such as credit card numbers, addresses and access codes to services, usernames and passwords to restricted parts of the site.
  • Strategic Goals - LeaderTask can store as tasks, projects, and strategic goals.
  • Contact Manager. Storing contacts and any information related to them: grouping, storing any data, quickly call a contact (email, ICQ, www, phone ...)
  • Updated
  • Updated languages
  • Faster downloads LeaderTask
  • Removed the menu Sync menu My Account
  • The filter overdue change task hotkey to Ctrl + Alt + Q because of the conflict
  • Fixed
  • In some cases, creating a category of problems appear after restart
  • In the task properties dialog small arrow in the "Contact Us" to display a list of all contacts, not elected
  • When printing notes, the label name is not displayed
  • In the task properties are not visible part of the scroller
  • When previewing a black frame is not needed
  • Program hangs on some cases
  • Search the F3 does not search by label

The network part

  • Fixed: Lookup shortcuts sometimes takes other people's labels
  • Fixed: In some cases, the projects available to the user to restart zadvaivayutsya
  • Fixed: displays project tasks with the term of the customer tomorrow (tasks not assigned to me) or the tasks that I have assigned for tomorrow, if filter the project deadline
  • Fixed: Does not remove orphaned file results