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Sugar Bytes - Guitarist 1.0.2 VST.RTAS.AAX.AU WIN.OSX
Sugar Bytes - Guitarist 1.0.2 VST.RTAS.AAX.AU WIN.OSX

Guitarist is a step by step (16-step) sequencer to create realistic guitar parts. New product allows you to define the direction of movement of the mediator (up / down), style (normal, dead, damped) and the speed of the game, as well as use the guitar pieces as slides, bends, vibrato, muting the strings.

There is a library of ready-chord types, you can create your own. Animation feature allows you to simulate the movement of the fingers in playing chords. Up to 24 patterns can make a song. Also, you can control in real time.

Of things worth noting, two guitar amps to choose from and 10 guitar effects, plus in the present set of pedals - the classic Wah-Wah, Talk Wah and Volume.