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Sugar Bytes - Cyclop 1.0.1 STANDALONE.VSTi.RTAS.AAX.AU WIN.OSX
Sugar Bytes - Cyclop 1.0.1 STANDALONE.VSTi.RTAS.AAX.AU WIN.OSX

Cyclop - monophonic bass synthesizer for Mac and PC (AU / VST / RTAS / AAX). The concept is deceptively simple: fat, expressive bass settings with modulations and effects sequences.

Want the recipe? Take three parts are easily programmable synthesizer, add part of the standard modulation sequencer, mix with the low-frequency section, which will be in accordance with the way now to make electronic music, and finish a universal set of effects.

At first glance, Cyclops looks scary, but after the surprise, he seems very cleverly invented. In the center of the interface are four main regulator, one for section Wobble, one to move from one set to another one for the effects section and one to control the designated parameters.

This tool focuses on the effects and modulation, but not to do it just noise. It sounds well, really well. Sub bass is wonderful set even on the low notes, so that they sound bold.

One of the reasons why Cyclops sounds so massive, it is processing mid / side to represent the stereo image based on the frequencies in the range of 250 Hz - 4 kHz. This ensures the breadth of interesting sounds that accumulate sharpness when playing on single systems.