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MediaChance QuickHDR 1.0.1

Quick HDR is very fast and enjoyable image enhancement software and a batch processor to apply many popular Film and HDR effects to the modern digital camera images, all in high 128 bit color depth precision.


Simulate various Film processing

You can effectively create any of the look of famous film stocks (for trademark reasons we don't use the actual film stock names)

Simulate many of the popular HDR effect, from very soft -realistic- to completely exaggerated

Simulate effect of polarization filter

You can deepen the sky and remove haze with this ingenious filter

Work in a picture browser-like fashion for very quick access

Easy way to find your pictures with the build-in and improved image browser

128 bit color depth per pixel to avoid any un-necessary image clipping and obtain maximum quality

Unattended Batch processing

Batch processing is fully automatic and multi-threaded

Supports RAW images

Other benefits

Unlike normal HDR software the Quick HDR is blazingly fast

Works from a single digital images, no need for multiple exposures

Immediate feedback

Easy way to zoom in

Calibrated so the preview and the final exported image look the same (quite often problem with HDR software)