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Missler Topsolid 2013 v7.7 Magnitude

TopSolid 7 is the new generation of CAD/CAM software developed by Missler Software. TopSolid 7 offers huge innovations on the CAD/CAM market by simplifying the design and modification of large assemblies in an organized and structured environment. The end user benefits from productivity gains estimated at being 30% superior to traditional solutions.

The new software has strongly developed the following points:

? The management of technical data used in relation with an ERP system

? Large assembly management

? The conviviality and ease of use of the software

Exceptional performances

? TopSolid 7 has been completely rethought and re-written based on new software technology (C#, native PDM)

? Automatic and transparent lightening of models

? Incremental management of modifications

? An exceptional management of the memory of large assemblies

? Extraordinary reaction speeds thanks to the use of multi-core technology (graphics, draft, etc.)

Benefits which make all the difference in your everyday work

? Improved management of your Design Office with integrated Product Data Management

? A simple to use and convivial software

? Capitalize your company know-how by using components and intelligent processes

? Advanced and integrated simulation (kinematics, dynamics, Finite Element Analysis...)

? Powerful sheet metal functions

? Integrated with all TopSolid CAD/CAM solutions

? A software for mechanical engineers


Our previous release, MISSLER.TOPSOLID.V2013-MAGNiTUDE, is V6.14.

V6 and V7 are developed together by Missler. This is V7.7 of Missler TopSolid.

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