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ThinkBOX Krakatoa MX FROST XMesh 9 2013
ThinkBOX Krakatoa MX FROST XMesh 9 2013

ThinkBOX Krakatoa MX, FROST,XMesh 9 2013 32Bit 64Bit

Krakatoa is a particle renderer, which is almost no limit to the number of particles - can be used up to 100 million particles - it all depends on the amount of memory available. This increased functionality due to the fact that the particle is not a geometric object, and point. SMP is not supported to version 1.5.hh - had the advantage of a single-processor system with a faster processor and more memory, compared to a multiprocessor system, but with less memory.

Starting with version 1.5.hh Multiprocessor structure preferred 64-bit

Frost is a mesh generator particles for Autodesk 3ds Max, which can generate a grid of particles, cloud tops, the positions of the object and file data points using different methods of cloning iso-surfaces and geometries. Frost takes full advantage of modern multi-core systems and can generate meshes of millions of millions of points in just seconds, while spending for processing a small amount of memory.

XMesh is a set of tools for caching animated scene geometry into a sequence of files and then loading the data for rendering. XMesh MX - an implementation of the 3ds Max toolset XMesh. XMesh MX consists of module preservation XMesh Saver MX, which displays the interface MAXScript processing senna and save files XMesh, and module loading XMesh Loader MX.