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IndigoRenderer 3.6.7

Glare Technologies, a New Zealand and UK-based company which specialises in high-end 3D visualisation software, have announced the release of the 3.6.7 beta version of their rendering products Indigo Renderer.

The big change in this release is the reworking of foreground alpha rendering.To try it out, tick 'foreground alpha' in the render mode settings.If you then save out a render (e.g. with the 'Save Image' button), the foreground will have alpha one, and the background (sky etc..) will have alpha zero. This should allow simple and high-quality compositing with alternative background images.There have been some major internal changes to make this possible, so there are likely some bugs to iron out.

What's fixed in 3.6.7

  • Made render_foreground_alpha back into a checkbox instead of a render mode. Foreground alpha now sets the alpha channel of saved images directly.
  • Fixed loading of coating and double-sided thin materials.
  • Made MatDB items display created-by username.
  • Fixed loading of PIGS files.
  • Fixed: GUI gets put in weird state after opening a scene with an error.
  • Fixed crash when opening images in Indigo RT.
  • Fixed radial splatter normalisation.
  • Added a 'reload image' button to texture editor window.

About Glare Technologies Limited

Glare Technologies, a New Zealand-based company which specialises in high-end 3D visualisation software and has customers in Europe, Japan, the United States, Saudi Arabia and New Zealand, have today announced the release of a new version of their flagship rendering product: Indigo Renderer version 3.0. Also being introduced is a brand new member of their software line-up, Indigo RT.