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SureThing Disk Labeler Gold

SureThing CD / DVD Labeler - belongs to the category of professional tools that create high quality covers for the recorded CD or DVD drive. When comparing the program with similar products, the difference is seen simply enormous. It is like, for example, to compare Photoshop and Paint. Yes, CD / DVD Labeler - is a professional environment for developing and printing, labels and covers CD / DVD diskov To formalize the disc, using templates that are already in the program, you just need to run the wizard. The user can also create new design options for using its existing drawings. In order to not have to manually fill in the fields with the names of artists and track titles, CD / DVD Labeler allows you to import information from the tag MDE file.

It has many built-in templates and decoration materials. When comparing the program with similar products, the difference is seen simply enormous. It is like, for example, to compare Photoshop and Paint.

To oAward Winning CD Label Design Software

SureThing is the original, and industry leading, software for designing CD / DVD labels, CD covers, and case inserts. In fact, SureThing has been the software of choice for a Who's / Who list of impressive CD labeling companies including Avery, Neato, Memorex, LightScribe, Roxio, and countless others. But only SureThing provides universal support for all brands of disc labels, direct-to-disc printers, and LightScribe devices. Do it your way, it's a SureThing!

Key features:

  • Fast and easy to create labels
  • Built-in support for all leading brands of CD / DVD labels and most others
  • Ability to work with trays of printers support printing on discs
  • Supports all LightScribe diskv
  • Templates for jewel case and DVD cases and booklets
  • Work with disks of different sizes and shapes
  • Dynamic adjustment tsenralnogo hole disc
  • Easily create label templates
  • Easily create custom label pripomoschi import playlists from iTunes, Windows Media Player, Real Player and other players
  • Creating and coordinating several types of labels in a single design file
  • Get the information about the song, artist and album single click
  • Automatic insertion of the file name, date, and size with data discs
  • Scan photos and original disk image directly in the designer label design
  • Thousands of professionally designed templates and backgrounds
  • Alpha-blending of text, images and photos

A large number of background images and graphics images

  • Creating shadows, 3D text effects, circular text and more
  • Remove red eye, sharpness and color control

System Requirements

  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • 1GB of memory, 2GB recommended for Windows 7, 8 or Vista
  • 200MB of Available disk space
  • 800x600 monitor resolution, 1024x768 recommended
  • Windows compatible laser or inkjet printer
  • Note: These are minimum requirements, more is always better!

Language English