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AutoData v3.40 x86-x64
AutoData v3.40 x86-x64

AutoData v3.40 x86-x64

Languages: English, Spanish | XP/W7 | 1.32GB

Autodata is convenient and popular program on diagnosis, service and repair all makes of cars. Autodata provides layout components and assemblies vehicle and wiring. Contains the installation options chain and timing belt, adjusting the alignment, information to repair airbags, air conditioning, ABS, injection systems, gasoline and some diesel engines and other systems of cars. Autodata is useful program for service stations.

Info & Instructions:

Versions 3.38 and 3.40, have the same database.

But version 3.40 can run under 64bit and on any system.

This corrects minor errors, and includes an easy to use installer.

1) First Install Visual C + + in the folder essential

2) Run the installer according to your system (32 or 64 bits)