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Infragistics NetAdvantage 2013 for Win UI Vol.1
Infragistics NetAdvantage 2013 for Win UI Vol.1

Like Windows 8, Infragistics brings together the best of the PC and tablet in this suite. Impress and innovate with premier controls for data visualization. No matter what the platform or category, apps created with NetAdvantage for Windows UI will be bold, performant, and drive revenue thorugh the Windows Store.

Fast & Fluid

Maximize your apps with a Grid control designed for stylablity and high performance. Data and UI virtualization make this Grid lightweight and extremely fast when handling large amounts of data. This control allows you to display your data in the style and matter that best fits your needs. Drill, down, edit, delete, select, sort, group, and filter rows using your mouse, keyboard, or touch gestures.

Innovative Charting

Let your data tell the story, with the broadest range of interactive, high-performance Data Charts that include support for a full range of business, scientific, and financial charting scenarios, as well as trend line capabilities "right out of the box." This Data Chart is a next-generation charting control designed for handling a live data feed coming in with over tens of thousands of data point every several milliseconds.

Touch Optimized

Deliver the latest Touch UI with our new gesture supported controls - like our Editor controls - without needing to write code separately for mouse vs. touchscreen inputs. Touch support across HTML5 and XAML controls offers larger buttons and gesture-friendly UI for commonly used interactions like grouping, multiple sorting, multiple selection, scrolling, and more - no plug-ins or extensions needed.

Reference App

The Running Total app, which uses our XAML and HTML Chart and Map controls, is an end-to-end application that delivers a true Windows 8 experience, designed with best practices and performance. Included in the Running Total app are assemblies for a variety of Chart types, with trend lines, finanacial indicators, touch-first features, and our Geospatial Mapping controls, which support multiple tile sources and geo-imagery features.