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Character Writer 3.1
Character Writer 3.1

Character Writer is the next generation of writing software, combining the power of the Enneagram personality-typing system and the latest technology. Character Writer is a cross-platform software package that offers both character-generating and story-generating tools in one easy-to-use interface. Instantly generate character profiles and descriptions.

Create Believable Characters

All other story development programs on the market give a half-hearted nod to the process of creating characters. Usually there will be some character component where you fill in a name and favorite color. Character Writer is the only product on the market that starts with character and offers a serious number of tools and features to help you develop a fully realized character.

Generate and Refine Your Story

Character Writer also includes a built in story generator and organizer. Use the Story Generator tab to create your story. (A billion different stories are possible.) Once you've created your basic story structure and story skeleton, you can edit, develop and organize your story until it's perfect.

Plays Well with Others

Character Writer works great with any other program you're using. It includes a "Writing Mode" to keep your character profiles always at your finger tips throughout the story-writing process - no matter where you're writing your story.

Key Features

Enneagram-based character generator instantly creates a character spine.

Character-development tools help you detail your character.

A built in story generator and organizer help you develop a fully Descriptionted story for your characters.

A quick reference system gives you professional guidance on concepts of character development.

"Writing Mode" provides writers access to Character Writer throughout the entire writing process to keep characters consistent and realistic.

New "Psychology" section allows you to browse a large list of psychological issues based on the DSM-IV.