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Simatic HMI WinCC v7.2
Simatic HMI WinCC v7.2

Description: SIMATIC WinCC is scalable process visualization that has the powerful functions for the control of automated processes.

WinCC provides all the functionality of SCADA for Windows for all industries - from single user to distributed multi-user systems with redundant servers and global solutions with web-clients.

In particular, WinCC is characterized by absolute openness.

It can easily be used in combination with standard and custom software that allows you to create human-machine interfaces that exactly match the practical requirements.

Thanks to open interfaces system integrators who develop software that can create their own applications using WinCC as a basis for system extensions. WinCC - a modern system with intuitive user interface. It is suitable for use in offices and in the production of functionally complete and reliable in operation, effectively designed and adapts easily to solve both simple and complex tasks.

Install IIS and MQ / Install IIS and Message Queue