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ARAS 360 HD Patch And Custom-MPT

ARAS 360 Technologies is pleased to introduce the next generation of crash and crime reconstruction software. ARAS 360 HD is an enhanced version of our already popular ARAS 360 suite.

Our original suite hit the market with an easy-to-use interface combined with powerful tools. We are excited to now be able to offer the same ease-of-use with additional functionality and expanded features.

Apart from the enhanced graphics, these impressive new features include:

Improved Total Terrain system that now provides the ability to snap to both polylines and measured points.

New vector-based printing system.

Automated articulation model with simulated off tracking.

Total station points protection with the ability to track changes.

Ability to create custom buildings, signs, and animated traffic lights.

Leading-edge crush editor with damage automatically synced to impacts.

Environmental effects such as snow, fog, and rain.

Advanced animation effects including shadows, turning wheels, and spinning tires.

New expanded snap options and CAD tools, including a snip feature.

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