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RaySupreme 1.10
RaySupreme 1.10

Imagine having the power to create amazing 3D models, scenes and worlds by simply typing text commands. RaySupreme is a powerful, full-featured 3D modeling and rendering software that introduces a new innovative technology called Text-to-3D. This new approach allows anyone, from beginners to professionals, to easily create great looking 3D work.

RaySupreme combines 3D modeling and rendering tools with Text-to-3D Technology.

3D modeling, mapping and rendering tools you would expect from any professional 3D program

Revolutionary Text-to-3D Engine which processes English statements into 3D imagery

Powerful Node-based features which support and integrate Text-to-3D Technology into your Models

Detailed Documentation that supports the beginner, intermediate or expert 3D artist

Ever-expanding database of objects, materials and Text-to-3D extensions with free, unlimited downloads

Worldwide community of RaySupreme users that share materials, objects and scenes

Text-To-3D Technology

Objects, Materials and Scenes can be built, modified and arranged by English descriptions

Specific types and styles of objects can be chosen based upon the descriptions used

Models can be customized by using adjectives to further describe them

Models can be built from different materials based upon the users whim

3D Modeling Tools

Flexible, adjustable Primitive objects that can be configured to best suit the users needs

Polygon-based modeling with a full range of tools and features

Subdivision can be applied to base forms and can be toggled on/off for flexible workflow

Time-saving productivity tools like Boolean operations, Bend, Lathe, Extrude and Shell

Optimization and Correction tools like Global Remesh, Mesh Triangulation, Fill Holes and Update Normals

Snap and Alignment system to aid in precision and fast editing

Materials and Mapping

Growing and expanding library of Materials available for download

Materials can be altered and influenced by the users English descriptions

Up to 32 Materials per mesh

UV Mapping and Unwrapping via integrated tools

Fully integrated UV Paint Tool allows for texture creation right inside RaySupreme

UV Paint Tool includes a wide range of Tools, including vector shapes, fonts, brushes, paths, cloning, filters and gradients

Fractal, Noise and Pattern Generators which can be directly manipulated through the Text-to-3D Engine

Node-based Connectivity

Flexible and powerful Node System supports the Text-to-3D Engine

Visual interface for intuitive and comprehensive editing

Import data from other applications in multiple formats

Specialized Views for Productivity and Ease of Use

RaySupreme's interface is specialized for different tasks - the Scene View, Object Editor, Material Editor and Language Editor.

Scene View - Modeling, Mapping and the integration of Scene elements

Object Editor - NLP integration, Template features and editability

Material Editor - Materials and Material Templates

Language Editor - Creation from Text and testing of NLP features


Multithreading processor support

Final Gathering support for Global Illumination

Caustics, Photon Mapping, time-based lighting, Procedural Sky

HDR light probe and texture light emission

Effects including sun and stars, fog and haze

Requirements: OS X 10.6.6 or later, 64-bit processor

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