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Intuit Quicken Deluxe 2013
Intuit Quicken Deluxe 2013

Heres how Quicken can help, right away:

Shows ALL your accounts in one place. Theres no need to go to multiple websites and statements or to do your own math.

Automatically puts your spending into categories like Auto and Utilities, so you know where your moneys going.

Makes it easy to save more, reduce debt, and create a budget you can live with.

New and improved for 2013

New mobile app

Email and text alerts

More flexible budgeting

And more

The new Quicken 2013 adds an extensive mobile experience to the software. This is a must-have upgrade for long-time Quicken users.

Installed on Windows 8 tried it and it installed.

I started to set up an account but stopped because I didn't want it.

So I didn't register my account. No serial was needed, no crack or key generator came with it. I assume to register an account you are setting up internet access to your bankk accounts and quicken on line, so not 100 sure how it works, I didn't go that far. So not sure but I don't think your registering your software but creating a quicken account. So if you already have a quicken account it does give you the option to use that.

The extra file (QW2013R7MPatch.exe) is taking this version and updating it to R7 quicken 2013 latst updates