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Allegorithmic Substance Designer 3.6.0 Build 12465
Allegorithmic Substance Designer 3.6.0 Build 12465

Substance Designer is a powerful material processing solution that brings smart texturing at the heart of 3D creation pipelines. It is designed to help any artist transform all kinds of image resources, including your existing bitmaps, into substances. Substance Designer, the authoring tool to create substances, is being upgraded to a new version, Substance Designer 2, which is bringing fantastic new features such as a new vector paint feature or a new familiar layering system, to help texture designers emphasize on creation.

Introducing substances, a new breed of textures and filters.

Substance Designer allows you to create substances, a new breed of smart textures. Substances are hybrid assets that can be made from different types of resources, including your existing bitmaps. But as opposed to bitmaps, substances can be fully dynamic, including for texture resolution. They can have multiple outputs to generate complete texture sets at once and they can also have inputs to be used as filters. Infinite possibilities stored in only a few kilobytes.

Non-linear & Iterative Workflow.

Creating substances in the node-based interface of Substance Designer is a completely non-linear process: you are free to make any change you want at any time, and all your changes will automatically be applied to all the outputs of your substance (diffuse, specular, normal, etc), so you can create and edit complete texture sets in a much faster way than with traditional tools.

Creative power and flexibility.

Substance Designer features a large set of resources for every 3D artist to achieve great results whatever their skills. Any user will be able to use the built-in filters to quickly boost his existing bitmaps and do things like transforming a simple photo into a seamless tileable material and adding dynamic details to it. More advanced users can use Substance Designer to create their own library of advanced custom filters and materials that they can re-use in their next creations. With Substance Designer, you have the power to build the texturing pipeline that really fits the creative needs of your projects.

Integrated pipeline.

No other texturing solution integrates into your current pipeline as Substance Designer does. Your textures created in Photoshop or taken from your libraries of bitmaps can be used as resources for new substances. Even better, whether you create a dynamic material or a filter, you can import your substance into any compatible solution such as Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya 2012, and edit its parameters to generate new variations in real-time directly in your favorite DCC tool or game engine. You can also download our free Substance Player to render your substances into classic bitmaps.


Customizable GUI

Node-based interface

Non linear authoring process

Automatic Tiling

Real-time 2D & 3D previewer

Embedded library of filters

Embedded advanced procedural resources

Embedded vector graphics editor

Graph based editing of advanced functions

Import formats: SVG, BMP, TGA, GIF, JPG, PNG, DDS, TIF and more

Export formats BMP, TGA, GIF, JPG, PNG, DDS, TIF and more

Substances are compatible with Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, and Flame 2012, and mode coming

What's new in 3.6:


  • Bakers: 16bit export
  • Bakers: New World Orientation baker
  • Bakers: New Height/Normal Map from mesh
  • Bakers: Accellerate .obj loading
  • Bakers: UV to SVG - use the material colors stored in the FBX when using the material id option
  • Graph: Profiler
  • PSD/Layers Import/Link
  • Performances: quick tweaking
  • 3D View: Multi materials
  • 3D View: Tesselation support (OpenGL 4)
  • 3D View: Store materials parameters per mesh
  • Remove sbsdb files

Bug Fixes

  • The engine stops working with .sbsar in a graph at high resolution
  • Tweaking node parameters is slower when the previous node is a subgraph
  • Baker: "Poisson" post processing fails in 4k
  • Dependencies: path are updated for the first opened sbs only
  • Graphical bugs when using mesh with UVs outside [0;1] range
  • Crash when clicking on a missing mesh resource
  • Link bitmap keep creating folders in explorer
  • 3D View: 3d resources not displayed, 2D view opens automatically when displaying a 3d resource
  • Create new SVG creates its own resource folder
  • Drag&drop a resource from the desktop in the Explorer creates a folder called "Desktop_Resources"
  • Remaining dependencies even after removing all package content
  • New Substance: Set Size Mode to Absolute by default
  • Bakers: typos corrections

Known Issues

  • 16bits PSD files are not supported
  • PSD resource not reloading correctly until it has been instantiated in a graph

Substances can be used in the following products:

  • Substance Player
  • Unity 3d (3.4 and above)
  • Autodesk Maya 2012 and above
  • Autodesk 3ds Max 2012 and above
  • Autodesk Flame 2012 and above