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FeatureCam 2013 Build v19.0.1.75
FeatureCam 2013 Build v19.0.1.75

English - multilanguage | Pc | Windows | Size: 1.316 GB

Genre: CAM, Graphics and Design Software

Delcam launches the 2013 release of FeatureCAM feature-based CAM software. This will offer a new series of options for the three-axis milling and improvements in five-axis machining, as well as improvements in the modules turning and milling and turning.

FeatureCAM HSM also includes a number of new strategies. Cutting step was added to the cleanup of the field to remove large terraces that can be left on the part when using passes deep draft. FeatureCAM will now produce additional course that backing up the terrace with the existing large tool, adding extra cuts at intermediate levels. This results in more material removed, using the same tool in the same way.

FeatureMILL HSM also contains all the options for rest machining, such as machining pencil and clearance area, and high-speed machining, including trochoidal machining and patented Race Line Machining Delcam . It maximizes the benefits of investing in factories at high speed with strategies that maximize machine productivity while protecting the part, machine and cutting excessive wear.

FeatureMILL MX 3D offers a wide range of strategies, including machining spiral finish machining and rotary flowline, support for multi-surface machining and automated feature recognition. It is aimed at companies with conventional machine tools and those machining soft materials.