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Dinesat Radio 9 Classic
Dinesat Radio 9 Classic

Intuitive Tools for Radio Stations and Networks - With HARDATA .RADIO Automation Systems, managing commercials, music and programming has never been easier - even on large radio networks. HARDATAs automation tools enable a smooth, seamless on-air result. HARDATA Dinesat Radio 9 Classic is based on our proprietary HARDATA HDX SERVER 3 technology, a flexible and secure platform that allows the user to integrate commercial breaks and music programming.

The system can manage up to four radio stations and can be used as a repeater from a satellite or internet radio network, with the flexibility to add or delete commercial content. An advanced automatic music scheduler generates musical programming and can create broadcast reports for copyright control agencies. An automatic capability answers and records audience messages for contests and other promotions. The system records your radio broadcast 24x7 on configurable length files (for example: logger - as run).


  • Radio station and network automation.
  • Internet radio production.
  • Commercial break scheduling.

Auto Mix

Better than a live DJ, it automatically detects the optimal mix points of music themes and other programming, resulting in smooth crossfades and optimal sound levels.

One-Touch Tools

Advanced tools make managing content playout easy and efficient with options to Play Over, Voice Over, Fade, Fade Over and Crossfade.

LIVE Assistance

This new feature simplifies cueing, letting you cue audio clips instantaneously.

RDS Support

Lets you display station name, title, artist and personalized messages on the listener's radio screen.

Time and Weather

With system updates from the internet, broadcast information regarding time and temperature can be added by pressing a key, or included in programming.

Music Scheduling

The system allows you to easily create musical programming establishing selection criteria, such as artist name, rhythm, priority, year, etc.

News Search and Editing

Ideal for production and broadcast of news programs, it automatically captures news from wire services using search and editing tools, and supports creation of text files with embedded audio.

Call Management

Answer, record and manage listener call-ins while recording and managing reports through a DTMF command system.

Web Access (Content Manager + Reports)

All HARDATA.RADIO solutions feature an integrated web access capability to manage content and generate remote reports. Compatibility-tested on both PC and MAC platforms, Web Access previews content, imports and exports content to the server, and generates broadcast reports.

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