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Delcam FeatureCam 2014 R1

669/730 MB

FeatureCAM 2014 focuses on faster and easier programming with Vortex for 2.5D features, and new options for turning, 4-axis rotary machining and turn-mill operations. Fillets can be added to any sharp corners for turning operations, such as automatic deburring, without having to edit geometry. Turning simulation is more realistic with support for steady-rest and tailstock operations combined with automatic collision detection. In addition to improved probing routines, support for 4-axis rotary tables has been enhanced to allow 2- or 3-axis operations to be wrapped around the rotary axis. Dedicated strategies for two-axis finishing give you greater programming control and better machining results.

FeatureCAM 2014 includes a variety of new features to help you manufacture parts with greater control and accuracy than ever before.

New features and enhancements include:

## Vortex for 2.5D features

## Additional support for machines with 4-axis rotary tables

## New probing routines

## 2-axis NT finishing strategies

## Automatic clamp avoidance for NT toolpaths

## Automatic corner filleting

## Support for steady-rests and tailstocks

FeatureCAM modules

As with most systems , FeatureCAM has a modular structure. Each module solves certain tasks . If the enterprise to meet the needs of programming does not require all the modern strategies and the possibility of a software package , you can use the individual modules , for example, just turning, milling only , only electroerosive etc. Allowed various combinations of them . All this reduces the initial costs on a pre-production .

FeatureCAM allows you to:

Build or import item

Identify the elements of the details (holes, pockets , grooves, surface milling, etc. )

Create and simulate the processing

Generate NC code control program (UP)

The knowledge base processing technology increases the productivity of

FeatureCAM automatically :

Select the tool

Calculates speeds and feeds , step and depth of cut

Determines roughing and finishing operations

Generates the toolpath and NC code control program

You can specify the required degree of automation and change any automatically generated processing

FeatureCAM provides :

An extensive library of postprocessors with the ability to create your own or modify existing

optimization of feed

API interface to create a macro programming and custom applications

Documentation for works costing

Built-in 3D simulation