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LumaPix FotoFusion 4.5 Build 66264

The most powerful image tool to be added to the FotoFusion family in a long time, blending modes allow you to enhance your images in unique and beautiful ways.

Image blending modes can be applied to a single photo or -mixed in- with the canvas using background modes to create stunning overlaid results. Effect presets transform images in one-click, while advanced settings allow you to adjust blending options and create your own recipes. The possibilities are endless!

In addition to blending modes, FotoFusion 5.4 also adds Unsharp Mask to our expanding collection of image editing tools.

At a basic level this tool helps enhance the apparent sharpness of an image, but can also be used to -defog- images by adding micro contrast to them. A great tool to use along side blending modes.

FotoFusion v5.3 introduces image frame borders with support for shapes like diamonds, circles and ovals.

You can control the amount of curvature for round frames or cutaway for angled corners. All the border functionality (colors, width, opacity, etc.) you expect works with these new border styles.

Make a project-click one button-and Bam! Your project shows up as a digital album on an iPad - or an iPhone - or an android device - or in a PC or Mac web browser. Click here to see an example.

Flip from page to page like a book, jump to any page, or share it by email, Facebook or Twitter - the album will be available for 30 days from when you published it. Share your family vacation with friends - send a proof to the bride - present your portfolio to customers. V5 users can publish as many online web albums as they like, at no charge. Enjoy!

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