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EAGLE 5.7.0
EAGLE 5.7.0

EAGLE Version 5.7.0

Cadsoft EAGLE - a complex tool for the development of printed circuit boards, starting with the creation of schematic diagrams and, finally, a printed circuit board and trace. Pro-version allows the development of printed circuit boards of up to 1600x1600 mm (16 layers) with a resolution of up to 1/10000 mm. To do this, the program has three modules: Schematic Module, Layout Editor, Autorouter. Addition, the program has a rather large library containing a variety of standard and fairly common electronic components such as microcontrollers, therefore, will not need to draw the image itself a component on the schematic and create PCB footprint. Most components also have a brief description.

The program includes a graphical schema editor (Schematic Editor), editor of printed circuit boards (Layout Editor), very flexible and comfortable editor libraries (Library Editor) and autorouter (Autorouter). The standard package also includes modules that verify correct connection of electrical circuits (ERC - Electrical Rule Check) and the correct position of the components on the motherboard (DRC - Design Rule Check). The latter two operations look much nicer than in the more advanced systems. EAGLE validates the design and connections so that the user does not know that it is engaged in some kind of extraneous utility. It should be noted that the user does not have to run through various software modules, as is done in P-CAD or ACCEL EDA - all conversions are carried out within the software. You can also fill a given space polygons. EAGLE allows the design of multilayer boards with up to 16 layers and having a size 1626h1626 mm with resolution of 0.0001 mm. System of units (inch or metric) can be changed at any phase of the project without any loss.[/center]