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Hetman NTFS Recovery 2.1
Hetman NTFS Recovery 2.1

Hetman NTFS Recovery recovers files and folders from all types of hard drives formatted with NTFS, including SSD drives and external storage. The NTFS file recovery tool can perform a simple undelete operation to recover deleted files or perform a comprehensive data recovery procedure, extracting all files and folders from the damaged NTFS volume complete with the original folder structure.

omitting support for the legacy FAT file system, Hetman Software can now offer this new product at a 40% discount compared to Hetman Partition Recovery. Hetman NTFS Recovery can reliably recover information from healthy, damaged, formatted, corrupted and inaccessible hard disks and solid-state media, restoring the original file and folder structure from disks with missing or damaged partition tables and MBR records.

Hetman NTFS Recovery recognizes and recovers NTFS alternate data streams, and supports the recovery of compressed and encrypted files. The NTFS recovery tool works in all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows including those that do not natively support the NTFS file system.

Key features

  • Offers the best value to users of modern versions of Windows (Windows XP and up) thanks to exclusive support for the FAT file system;
  • Unformat formatted partitions and restore original volumes from repartitioned hard drives;
  • Undeletes all types of files including pictures, music, videos, documents etc.;
  • Recovers data from formatted, corrupted and inaccessible NTFS disks and SSD drives;
  • Restores files from formatted NTFS volumes and repartitioned disks;
  • Extracts information from volumes with broken file systems, damaged partition tables and master boot records (MBR).