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City Navigator Europe NT 2014.30
City Navigator Europe NT 2014.30

City Navigator Europe NT 2014.30 + City Navigator Europe NTU 2014.30 (Unicode) [Cards] (Garmin) | 24,7 GB


Navigate the streets of Europe with confidence. This product provides detailed road maps and points of interest for your compatible device, so you can navigate with exact prompts , turn-by -turn directions to any address or intersection. Route to restaurants , gas stations, lodging, attractions and more.

Extras. information:

Maps are locked. To use it you need a key or generate . Unl file using the "keygen_v1.5", or run through program from "GarminUnlockerAlternative v7.1.6"

Unlocked only one file gmapsupp.img maps CN Europe NTU 2014.30 (Unicode)

In the Unicode version - the whole of Europe in one map. In the normal version , apart from the whole of Europe in one file , yet there are maps of some countries and there is a breakdown by region:

Alps + DACH


Benelux & France

Central & Eastern Europe

Central Europe



Italy & Greece


Nordics + Estonia


Northwest Eastern Europe

Spain & Portugal


UK & RoI

Western Europe

Tip unlock using GarminUnlockerAlternative v7.1.6:

  • Place in a single folder freezing . Img file (one) and "UnLock Map Directory.exe"

Make sure that the file properties . Img removed daw "read only"

2 . Run "UnLock Map Directory.exe", select either " just unlock" or " unlock and keep the original "

3 . Then wait until the process is finished and you press any button

4 . Then again , press any button


3122 - CN Europe NT

3123 - CN Europe NTU

Distributed by file type : Maps

Platform : Garmin

Release Date : October 2013

Version: 2014.30

Developer : Garmin

Website Developer :_

Key: require ( maps locked ) (except for Unicode maps gmapsupp.img)

Tablet : GarminUnlockerAlternative v7.1.6

System requirements : Browsers Garmin