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Hetman NTFS and FAT Recovery 2.1
Hetman NTFS and FAT Recovery 2.1

Hetman NTFS Recovery recovers files and folders from all types of hard drives formatted with NTFS, including SSD drives and external storage.

The NTFS file recovery tool can perform a simple undelete operation to recover deleted files or perform a comprehensive data recovery procedure, extracting all files and folders from the damaged NTFS volume complete with the original folder structure. By omitting support for the legacy FAT file system, Hetman Software can now offer this new product at a 40% discount compared to Hetman Partition Recovery.

Hetman NTFS Recovery can reliably recover information from healthy, damaged, formatted, corrupted and inaccessible hard disks and solid-state media, restoring the original file and folder structure from disks with missing or damaged partition tables and MBR records. Hetman NTFS Recovery recognizes and recovers NTFS alternate data streams, and supports the recovery of compressed and encrypted files. The NTFS recovery tool works in all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows including those that do not natively support the NTFS file system.


Supports NTFS recovery in all versions of Windows including those not supporting the NTFS natively;

Undeletes files of any type from healthy and damaged NTFS disks;

Recovers NTFS alternate data streams, compressed and encrypted files and folders;

Recovers data from formatted, repartitioned, corrupted and inaccessible NTFS disks;

Shares data recovery algorithms with the companys top of the line partition recovery tool, delivering the best recovery rates at a fraction of the price

Recovers documents, archives, pictures, music and videos as well as hundreds of other file types;

Previews recoverable files before recovery in live mode

Read-only access to corrupted volumes ensures safe and secure operation;

Undeletes files cleared Recycle Bin;

Undeletes files deleted with Shift+Del

Recovers data after Quick Format (all versions of Windows) and Full Format in all versions of Windows before Vista

Fully guided wizards offer the ultimate convenience;

Explorer-like user interface provides convenient searching and filtering;

Scans the entire disk surface, analyzing raw data for recoverable information;

Supports built-in and external hard disks, USB flash drives and all types of memory cards including SD, microSD, SDHC, SDXC, CompactFlash, SONY MemoryStick etc.

Hetman FAT Recovery

The FAT data recovery tool is made to reliably recover information from all kinds of storage media formatted with the FAT, FAT16 or FAT32 file system. USB flash drives, all types of memory cards as well as hard disks used in NAS devices and streaming video players are commonly bearing one revision or another of the FAT system, and they can be recovered with Hetman FAT Recovery.

Key features

Get the best value! Save money compared to other tools thanks to exclusive support for the FAT file system;

Undelete pictures, music, videos, documents and all other types of files from all kinds of media as long as it bears the FAT file system;

Recover data from formatted, corrupted and inaccessible disks and memory cards;

Restore files from formatted volumes and repartitioned disks;

Extract information from volumes with broken file systems, damaged partition tables and master boot records .

All versions of the FAT file system and all 32-bit and 64-bit builds of Windows are supported including the latest Windows 7.

Recovers Portable Devices

Extracts information deleted from portable devices such as digital cameras, audio players, tablets, smartphones and GPS navigators connected via a USB cord. Directly supports many types of portable devices, recovering information from their built-in memory as long as connected devices appear as drive letters on your computer.

Formatted Partitions

Recovers data from formatted partitions, repartitioned hard drives, deleted volumes and disks with corrupted file systems. Automatically locates deleted partitions and missing file systems, performing the most comprehensive recovery. Low-level content-aware disk scan reliably discovers and extracts files even if no file system is found.

Undeletes Files

Makes undeleting files easy. Recovers files and folders removed from the Recycle Bin or deleted permanently with Shift + Del. When deleted, files are not wiped off the hard drive. Instead, they are simply marked as deleted in the file system. The tool can locate such file system records, trace down the exact physical location of deleted files on the disk, and successfully recover the files.

Cures Malware Damage

Viruses, malware and system glitches may destroy data or block access to certain files. Hetman FAT Recovery helps easily recover such information even if the file system is damaged or corrupted. The tool can successfully recover files from disks that are rendered inaccessible, are missing essential system structures as well as disks that are deliberately crippled by malware in order to prevent user access.

Hardware and Firmware Errors

Errors in firmware and hardware glitches are responsible for many cases of data loss. Hetman FAT Recovery can recover files lost after hardware/firmware glitches, restoring or unblocking inaccessible information even if Windows claims the disk must be formatted. File recovery is even possible if no trace of the file system is left on the device.

Corrupted Disks

Recovers data from damaged, corrupted and inaccessible hard drives and flash-based storage devices even if Windows can not read the disk. Hetman FAT Recovery applies sophisticated techniques to make use of any information remaining in the damaged file system, and uses low-level signature search algorithms to reliably locate and recover files if the file system is completely messed up.