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NewBlue Video Essentials VII 3.0 Build 131026
NewBlue Video Essentials VII 3.0 Build 131026

NewBlue Video Essentials VII is the latest plugin collection from New Blue to offer 10 incredibly sophisticated plugins. Using Video Essentials VII, you can inspect a particular region of your footage with multiple scopes, avoid tedious keyframing when applying pixelation, generate gradients over alpha assets, separate your image into high and low regions, or make quick work of a pan and zoom on still or video. Achieve these professional effects and more with ease using Video Essentials VII.

As with NewBlues entire product line of video effects plugins, NewBlue Video Essentials VII integrates seamlessly into Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere Elements, Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Sony Vegas Pro, Sony Vegas Movie Studio and Grass Valley EDIUS.

Video Essentials VII includes the following effects, all with a number of preset configurations:

Auto Pan Makes quick work of pan and zoom on stills or video without resorting to keyframes.

Detail by Chroma Isolates a specific color region within a picture and enhances the detail and contrast within that region.

Detail by Luma Separates an image into high and low regions, giving separate detail control to each, while compensating for noise increase in shadow regions.

Flying PIP Creates compelling, animated picture-in-pictures including outline, drop shadow, and motion blur without keyframing.

Gamma Corrector Controls gamma value to compensate for how luminance levels are perceived by the human eye.

Gradient Fill Pro Offers a convenient and efficient way to apply color changes, gradients and alpha manipulation to overlay stills and video which have alpha transparency.

Legal Level Gives a frame-by-frame alert when a video signal is out of broadcast specification and offers correction tools to meet those specifications.

Quick Pixelator Instantly obscures one or more faces moving within a shot, by isolating skin tone (or any specific color) and substituting a tracking pixelation mask.

Region Scope Isolates a subsection of the image for display within a full range of calibration scopes, allowing precise tuning with any tool.

Video Tuneup Plus Brings together all the fundamental color and luminance controls into one toolset while verifying results with on-screen scopes.