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Cinesamples CinePerc PRO v1.1
Cinesamples CinePerc PRO v1.1

Cinesamples CinePerc PRO v1.1 KONTAKT-MAGNETRiXX | 26.5GB

CinePerc PRO is an extremely useful part of our large CinePerc library; the next installment of our popular orchestral series that includes CineBrass and CineWinds. Like those libraries, CinePerc was recorded at the SONY Scoring Stage in Los Angeles, and mixed by master engineer Dennis Sands. This package includes many more percussion instruments for your template. In general, these patches give you control over sounds that were more recently standardized in 20th Century music and film scores. They will expand your composing toolbox, and blend perfectly with all of the other -Cine- series libraries.

One of the highlights of the CinePerc PRO library is the addition of a massive drum kit. The main element that sets this kit apart from other kits is the room in which it was recorded. Composers work hard to get a drum kit to sit in an orchestral mix. Now you have a kit that was sampled in the same room that thousands of great orchestral scores were recorded. This drum kit has a legendary history, and has been used on hundreds of our favorite film scores and rock albums. It has -that- sound, and we think you-ll love it. Recorded and mixed by Dennis Sands, there are multiple options in the mixing console including a Quad+LFE (4.1) to get the exact sound you are looking for, whether it-s that close tight sound, or a more ambient -orchestral mix- sound, this kit can be used in any style of music that you throw at it. CinePerc breaks new ground in the addition of a new -LFE/SUB- channel. All of the instruments requiring this additional low-end boost were created in post by Dennis Sands to contain this channel. So, for those of us with a surround and sub setup, you can send this LFE/SUB channel to your sub. Add that to the QUAD mix, and you have a near-final 4.1 mix for large movie theaters. Along with the LFE channel (on most instruments), CinePerc adds in the standard Full Mix from Dennis Sands, Close, Overhead, Mid Room, Room and Surrounds. When the LFE is created (for the low frequency instruments) the Room and Surrounds transform into a QUAD Front and QUAD rear channel creating a perfect 4.1 environment specifically remixed by Dennis Sands. Check out the link below to see how different microphone positions can drastically change your mix, this also highlights how versatile our library can be. Click here to listen to the difference mixes from -Full- to -Close-


P01 Drum Kit - Full 88 Key Mapping

P02 Drum Kit - General MIDI Mapping

P03 Drum Kit - Combos + Fills

P04 Celeste

P05 Crotales

P06 Vibraphone

P07 Marimba

P08 Glass Marimba

P09 Low Chimes

P10 Roto Toms

P11 Octobans

P12 Orchestral Shakers

P13 Sticks and Tickies

P14 Temple Blocks

P15 Wood Blocks + Claves + Castinets + Slap

P16 Brake Drum + Anvil + Bell Tree + Sleigh Bells + Cow Bells

P17 Ratchet + VibraSlap + Sandblocks

P18 Waterphone - Dry

P19 Waterphone - Water

P20 Flexatone

P21 Whistles - Train + Siren + Slide

P22 Typewriter

P23 Keyboard + Mouse

P24 Car Horn + Lions Roar + Spring Drum

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