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Pixelan DissolveMaster 1.1
Pixelan DissolveMaster 1.1

Pixelan DissolveMaster - is the ultimate plugin for dissolves, fades, and organic flowing of other effects for Adobe Premiere Pro, Premiere Elements and After Effects. Create custom film dissolves, ultra-soft directional dissolves, blur dissolves, glow/flash dissolves and beautiful new dissolves and fades never before available in video editing software. Hardware-accelerated plus 500 cool presets. Also organically animates ANY video effect (built-in or third-party plugin) easily within a single clips scene.

It adds handy productivity features to the large animated Effects Browser window in DissolveMaster which is used to review and compare hundreds of dissolve transitions presets easily. Now users can mark and organize preset favorites per project/client, hide unwanted presets, etc. The mouse wheel or keyboard can now be used to roll through choices easily while keeping your eye on the visuals.

It is a great enhancement even if you are a cuts and dissolves editor, providing subtle ways to lead your audiences eye within a scene using the unobtrusive, clean aesthetic of the dissolve transition.

DissolveMaster is also more than a video transitions tool -- it can organically animate/flow any video effect within a single clip, such as color changes, tonal adjustments, blurs, and other visual effects, even those from other third-party video effects plugins! Now you can easily reveal or fade video effects in a way that relates visually to your scenes content rather than the standard approach of ramping a video effects strength uniformly over an image.

Choose visually from nearly 500 presets, including your own saved favorite presets. All are customizable. DissolveMaster also includes dozens of powerful section presets you can quickly click and mix into hundreds of fresh looks, and a large animated Effects Browser window to easily compare/choose presets and effect variations.


DissolveMasters Unique Capabilities

  • Click in your image to set the dissolves start or end location
  • Choose to set the above in the 1st or 2nd clip of the transition
  • Flow/animate the dissolve via luminance (optical/film dissolve)
  • Flow/animate the dissolve via a hue or color range/channel
  • Adjust/ramp the dissolve softness as desired
  • Organically animate other visual effects/plug ins in a single clip
  • Creatively reveal or fade text titles/backgrounds/layers

Unique Creative Enhancements

  • Mix in an iris shape to influence the dissolves geometry
  • 10x 10 blend modes with mixing/gamma/contrast
  • Ramp saturation in the dissolve or entire image(s)
  • Ramp blurs in the dissolve or entire image(s) v
  • Add glows (or images/textures) tothe dissolves edge
  • Ease in/out, hold, accelerate/decelerate the timing
  • Powerful bezier curve keyframingforall of the above

Ease of Use Features

  • Nearly 500 terrific pre-made dissolve and fade presets
  • Hardware-accelerated, near-RT rendering on fast systems
  • Compare/choose in an animated Effects Browser window
  • Click section presets to instantly create new effect variations
  • Save/load your own favorite effects
  • Instantly apply recently used effects to save time
  • See helpful tips when using any control
  • Full undo/redo of changes - great for experimentation!


  • Win64
  • Premiere Pro CS5, CS5.5, CS6, or CC
  • Premiere Elements 10, 11, 12 or later
  • After Effects CS5, CS5.5, CS6, or CC

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