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ATRIS Stahlgruber + Technik
ATRIS Stahlgruber + Technik


ATRIS Stahlgruber + Technik (04.2013) Multilingual | 23.11GB

Description: The program ATRIS Stahlgruber provides information on spare parts of cars and trucks .


with parts identification Stakis-S, data maintenance , salaries , wheel module , calculation of the damage and repair manual as well as advantages Stakis- economic system

Extras. Information: Program ATRis Stahlgruber comes on 3 DVD, can be installed in several variants , from minimum to maximum + network . At initial installation requests a client number Stahlgruber of 6 numbers . (They are in the file atris kod.txt) there is described how to make the program run forever .

Year: 2013

Version: 4/2013

Language: Multilingual (Russian present )

Medicine: Present