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Earth Moments Oriental Orchestra WAV SCD-BYS
Earth Moments Oriental Orchestra WAV SCD-BYS

'Oriental Orchestra' is an unmatched, top-end quality bundle of live string recordings which were recorded in world-class studios around the world, using warm Neve and SSL preamps and Newmann Vintage tube mics. 'Oriental Orchestra' contains three types of string sections, Quartet, Octet and Ensemble.

Recorded on metronome clicks, the live strings (without any keyboards or digital inputs) link to the rules of Western music, allowing music producers coming from any style or genre to easily use these complex Orchestral lines in their music.

Here a classic Western orchestra plays Oriental lines, and unique scoring that is inspired by the rich cultures of India, Turkey and the Far East.

This Royalty-Free collection also includes Orchestral scores from the award-winning projects of the EarthSync label, Laya Project, Nagore Sessions, No Stranger Here, and Voice Over The Bridge.

EarthMoments is a team of producers and engineers with specialist studios in India, Israel and the United Kingdom, with top of the line source networks in Australiasia, the Middle East, and Africa. Their worldwide collaborations bring the most talented musicians and exciting sounds right into your studio, a global platform for sharing ideas, creative works and World sounds.

EarthMoments' team of producers and engineers have over twenty years of industry experience, and their musicians are Internationally acclaimed and top industry professionals.

EarthMoments was created to offer music producers unique collections of high quality samples and a space to explore unique sounds and signatures that sets the creative spirit free to cross borders, explore, and discover unique instruments and sounds of the world.

Their in-house studios carrying state-of-the-art analog and digital equipment, combined with EarthMoments' passion for quality allows them to produce the best quality samples.

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An Ableton Live pack is available separately.