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Sample Logic - Cinematic Guitars
Sample Logic - Cinematic Guitars

Repeatedly award -winning team Sample Logic is a powerful collection of synthesized guitar -based tools flexible engine NI Kontakt. Based on the sound of this electric and acoustic guitar , recorded with guitar playing guru Steve Ouimette, this library is not a library of guitar in the traditional sense . This rather extensive collection of atmospheric instrumental and percussive textures. Going one step ahead , Sample Logic enables users to create and manipulate different instruments using the first time the so-called built-in sequencer effects. The library covers a wide range of timbres, different emotional orientation thanks to an unprecedented collection of over 1000 instruments and multi- tools library instrumentov.Spisok Cinematic Guitars:

  • Atmosphere / ambient soundscapes and stinger construction kits
  • Morphed guitars, synths, and pads
  • Melodic and percussive tempo-synced loops
  • Melodic and percussive arpeggiated / gated instruments
  • Percussive impacts, big hit ensembles, and kits
  • Swipes, scrapes, and reverse transitional effects
  • Over 125 score-ready tools multisMulti this library were created by award-winning composers :

Bill Brown (CSI NY, Wolfenstein [VG], Rainbow Six [VG], Ghost Recon [VG]),

Jesper Kyd (Assassins Creed I & II [VG], Unreal Tournament [VG], Splinter Cell [VG]),

Trevor Morris (The Tutors, The Hills Have Eyes II, Pirates Of The Caribbean II, Stealth, The Island),

Deane Ogden (Hit List, The Way Home, Surrogates, The Sensei),

Atli rvarsson (Vantage Point, Babylon AD, The Fourth Kind),

Steve Tavaglione - Performer & Sound Designer (CSI: Las Vegas & New York, Finding Nemo, Wall-E, Revolutionary Road). Material was recorded and processed as 48k/24 bit, comes as 44.1k/24-bit. Volume 9GB (5.8GB through compression technology Kontakt).