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Download Indigo Renderer 3.6.26
Download Indigo Renderer 3.6.26

Indigo Renderer- physically correct rendering professional, allowing to use shader programming (Indigo Shader Language). Indigo Renderer simulates the physics of light to achieve near-perfect photorealism. In rendering its own built-in objects such as cameras, lighting, sky, etc. Ideal for static scenes, such as interiors, landscapes, portraits and still lifes. All calculations (light, energy, caustic, etc.) occur in Indigo Renderer is interconnected, and that distinguishes it from other renderers, where everything separately and is determined by the user. Indigo Renderer uses MLT (Metropolis Light Transport) instead of the traditional raytracing. All physically modeled the interaction of light (as spectral data), are available in Indigo has wonderful features (virtual camera model, physical sky, mesh-objects as light sources, etc.) that will make your life easier.

Some key features are:

  • Accurate simulation of light
  • Creation of material
  • Realistic Camera
  • Consistent results
  • Physical materials
  • Realistic light
  • Light layers
  • Types of lighting
  • Sun & Sky
  • Precision metal
  • Blur image
  • Control frame
  • Large scenes
  • High performance
  • When operating in Pathtracing used a bunch of available system CPU + 1 GPU. In other modes - only CPU.
  • Supports network rendering.
  • The standalone version of the free online library of shaders.

Year: 2014

OS: Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 (x64)

Language: English

Medicine / Medical: there is / is present

Size: 141,45 MB