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Pinnacle TVCenter Multilingual
Pinnacle TVCenter Multilingual

TVCenter 6 is a completely new version of our software to watch TV on your PC. TVCenter is now even faster to use and requires less valuable system resources of your PC. TVCenter 6 can therefore be easily operated on so-called netbooks with simpler processor and memory capacity , unless it is HDTV programs .

Compared to the previous version of TVCenter installation is greatly simplified. The user is guided safely through the configuration steps , and the tuning has been optimized for the different DVB- TV standards. For convenient use of radio functions, a separate application.

To keep the system requirements as low as possible , including the recording function has been completely revised . TVCenter 6 receives television broadcasts in their original format without loss of quality . This made ??recordings can be played on the so-called gallery with selection of subtitles and audio track. This recording can now in the background - without slowing down your PC work - are transferred to different target formats such as DivX, iPod / PSP .

What does TVCenter 6 ?

  • Fast and compact installation
  • Drastically reduced system requirements
  • Optimized , rapid tuning
  • New graphical user interface
  • Full HD Support
  • Multi-tuner support
  • Recording in native format (transport stream)
  • Transcoding engine for the generation of DivX , Ipod , PSP, and MPEG formats
  • Recordings plan and program
  • Master controller for faster access to important functions
  • Separate radio application
  • Gallery of photographs
  • Play the recording with subtitles and audio track possible changes
  • Ultra-fast Teletext
  • Digital TV OnGuide - Electronic Program Guide
  • Full support of Windows 7
  • Supports MPEG2 SD / HD
  • Supports H.264 AVC with AAC +
  • Supports Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital + / EAC3 audio
  • PID filtering to reduce the data rate
  • Update from older TVCenter applications
  • Supports Pinnacle / PCTV Systems Hardware