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Cakewalk SONAR X3 Producer Edition DVDR R2R

Released by R2R | 9.10.2013 | 3 DVD's

Create music in any style with cutting-edge instruments, effects, and creative tools. Thanks to the award-winning Skylight user interface, SONAR X3 lets you move seamlessly in your production workspace, instantly going from recording to editing to mixing and back again. Produce flawless tracks with the 64-Bit Double Precision audio engine and upload polished mixes directly to YouTube and SoundCloud. Plus, SONAR X3 let?s you do it all without limiting the number of tracks and plugins; all while supporting the latest technologies like VST3, multi-touch, and Gobbler cloud save.

What's new in SONAR X3

SONAR X3 is our biggest upgrade to date and includes new and exciting core workflow enhancements and features like Color Customization, Comping, VST3 Support, ARA integration, Melodyne Essential, Tape Emulator, our revolutionary QuadCurve EQ Zoom & Analyzer, and much more. Plus we've added new effects and instruments including XLN Audio Addictive Drums, Nomad Factory Blue Tubes FX, Lounge Lizard SONAR, and much more.


Unlimited Everything Creativity, without limits.

SONAR X3 delivers what other DAWs cannot offer, unlimited everything in all versions! You get unlimited simultaneous Audio & MIDI tracks, FX, Sends, and full VST3 support with our industry leading 64-bit mix engine. We believe that everyone deserves the full SONAR X3 experience.

Comping A smarter way to record.

SONAR X3 now introduces our breakthrough Comping - the smartest and quickest method for working with multiple takes. Record the same part as many times as you like using the new Comping record mode, and when you?re finished, our speed comping accelerates your workflow so that you can isolate, edit, and promote your strongest performances into one unified flawless track. Comping at its core improves the overdubbing process and streamlines the post-recording and editing experience.

VST Enhancements The latest VST technology for the greatest DAW.

VST3 support is now fully integrated across all versions of SONAR X3. That means superior plugin management, low CPU loads, and improved visual workspace. It?s perfectly integrated into SONAR X3?s browser and shows you VST3 and VST2 plugins side by side.

SONAR X3 automatically detects new VST plugins so you never have to rescan, and if you have a project using the VST 2 version of a plugin that also supports VST3, SONAR will update it and keep all of your settings intact.

64-bit Audio Engine The root of our excellence.

SONAR X3?s brilliant audio engine captures the clarity and elegance of your music. Its inspiring smooth sound and sonic characteristics digitize your performances with the utmost precision. You can bounce your tracks down in minutes with our 64 bit double precision engine, record up to 192kHz with low latency monitoring, and mix with confidence using our sample-accurate plugin delay compensation. Every user deserves the caliber of fidelity that SONAR delivers, and that?s why we made all of this available in every version. Our technology brings out the best in your music

Melodyne Essential with ARA integration Correction, this is all you need.

Melodyne Essential is now fully integrated into SONAR X3 Producer and Studio. This means the best pitch correction, time stretching, and audio to MIDI conversion in the business are at your command. Whether there?s a flat note in a vocal, or you want to adjust phrasing, Melodyne makes it a snap to polish your recordings.

By adding support for ARA technology (Audio Random Access), we were able to seamlessly integrate Melodyne Essential into SONAR's Skylight interface. This means no waiting for data to transfer into the Editor. Simply click to open the audio clip and get to work. To convert audio to MIDI, simply drag and audio clip onto a MIDI track and Melodyne takes care of the rest. And if you are using any other version of Melodyne or plan to upgrade, you get to enjoy the same level of integration automatically. In fact, ARA integration is available in all version of SONAR X3

Get social on YouTube Market directly to YouTube users.

YouTube is one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world for musicians and artists. SONAR X3 integrates YouTube?s publishing capabilities right into the control bar so you don?t even have to leave the program to share videos with your subscribers.

Gobbler Integrated saving and sharing on the cloud.

Upload your projects anywhere, anytime - without having to leave your DAW.

Backup all of your work and never worry about losing a single shred of data ever again.

Store your work as long as you want. Now, every new SONAR X3 user gets 5GB free store on Gobbler?s cloud.

Share with your friends and colleagues with a single click of the mouse. Gobbler will do the rest.

& Many more.....


D1 : SONAR X3 Producer Edition

D2 : Loops & One Shots

D3 : Dimension Pro v1.5.0


  • If you already have Sonar X2 you will only need disk 1......
  • Open the NFO file with notepad or wordpad. When opening sonar for the first time, right click on the icon and select run as administrator. Otherwise it won't let you enter the registration code.
  • Incase Other Serial # dosen't work, use this then

Serial Number : CWSP-8.00-834700-396171

Registration Code : 60C0-B49B-CF38-3013