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ChromaPure Professional v2.5.0.40977
ChromaPure Professional v2.5.0.40977

Use ChromaPure software to calibrate your plasma, LCD flat panel, or projector to industry standards. ChromaPure is new, very easy to use, calibration software designed by experienced professional calibrator Tom Huffman. Doesn't matter if you're new to calibration or a seasoned professional, ChromaPure provides all the features you need.

Used in conjunction with test patterns and a colorimeter, ChromaPure software allows the user to quickly bring a any video display with adequate controls into conformity with industry standards.

ChromaPure is designed to be familiar to anyone who has ever surfed the web. Simply click one of the buttons along the left side of the program window to open one of its modules. Each module performs a different video calibration function. These include:



White Balance

Color Gamut

Color Management

Advanced Color Management

Color Decoding

24-Point ColorChecker


Import/Export Calibration Data

Calibration Reports

Auto-Calibration (with video processor and optional add-on)

The displays performance with respect to each of these parameters is presented in colorful charts and precise numerical values, both of which can update in real time as calibration adjustments are made.