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Orchestral Tools Berlin Strings
Orchestral Tools Berlin Strings
  • First True Adaptive Legato (including 4 legato types: Slurred, Agile (scripted), Fast Runs and Portamento)
  • Up to 24x RR Spiccatos
  • Extensive collection of different short notes
  • Playable Runs and pre-recorded octave runs (tempo synced)
  • Smaller Sections for more definition and detail
  • 4 Mic Positions + Concert Master Mic (Violins I only)
  • Bow Stroke Control (soft, immediate, accented)
  • Up to 3 different vibrato expressions
  • Ostinato Arp Legato (fast leg 6RR and slow leg 3RRs true legato)
  • 121 GB of samples in NCW format (254 GB uncompressed)
  • 24Bit / 48KHz Patches
  • Works with the free Kontakt Player 5.3+ or Kontakt 5.3+