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Toyota EPC 05.2014
Toyota EPC 05.2014

The original directory on the selection of spare parts Toyota & Lexus.

Lexus code: 14050109. Also duplicated on the main page of the program, introduced in the menu "Setup menu" - "LEXUS Dealer Check".

The program is not distributed disks, and a folder with the installed program to disk "D".

To install the software on a different disk in the root folder there is a batch file "Apli_Copy.bat" - run and specify the disk on which to unzip the folder.

Folder "TMCEPCW3" must lie only in the root directory!

To run the program: to run the file DISK: TMCEPCW3 APLI TMAIN.EXE

Installed drives:

Europe: A1-A2 - 05/2014, B1-B3 - 01/2014

General: A1-A2 - 05/2014, B1-B4 - 01/2014

USA, Canada: A1-A2 - 05/2014, B1-B2 - 01/2014

Japan: A1-A2 - 05/2014, B1-B4 - 01/2014, F3 - 05/2014, F1-F2 - 01/2014

Overseas: F7 - 05/2014, F1-F6 - 01/2014

Extras. Info: Please do not judge the design of distribution - this is my first hand :)

In the future I will maintain and update the timely distribution.

Please do not go immediately to hand!