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HOFA-Plugins HOFA IQ-Reverb v1.0.15
HOFA-Plugins HOFA IQ-Reverb v1.0.15

The IQ-Reverb combines the most innovative convolution technology with the "retro" features of classical reverb processors from the golden age. Reverbs with outstanding tonal quality and clever editing tools just as positioner, modulation and vintage gate make the spatial positioning of instruments and vocals in the mix as easy as never before. A specially compiled library with elaborately convoluted hardware units, real spaces and novel, layered reverb combinations is already onboard. Of course, other impulse response can be imported and edited as well - in all resolutions and also in True Stereo.

The IQ-Reverb's centerpiece is its intuitive 3D display - here, processings of the reverb are illustrated. You can change length and envelope of the impulse responses quickly and easily and even treat various frequency ranges of the reverb seperately. With just a mouse click you can also create gated or reverse reverbs.

The modulation allows you to breathe life into any impulse response. And the positioner is the perfect tool to easily place signals in a three-dimensional space.

Awesome audio quality, unprecedented reverb textures and innovative options combined with easiest handling - all this makes the IQ-Reverb an indispensable tool for your mixes and masterings.


convolution reverb with innovative editing capabilities

easy handling, clearly arranged display

intuitive 3D user interface

reverberation time adjustable in 3 frequency ranges

cut- & vintage gated reverb

reverse reverb

modulation for vivid reverb textures

positioning of sound sources in virtual space (positioner)

True Stereo capable

extensive IR and preset library (vintage & high-end studio gear, "real" spaces, layered reverb combinations)

user presets can be stored

imports 3rd party impulse responses and libraries

changeable plugin window size

"set as default" preset

supports all common sample frequencies

PC and Mac, 32- and 64-bit DAWs

The HOFA IQ-Reverb provides for:

clear display of all presets and IRs due to the sorting by reverberation time or application (vocals, drums, keys, etc.)

more space on the screen thanks to the resizeable GUI and "magnetic" browser

prompt and proper results because of high clearness and functionality

complex soundscapes with a wide variety of reverbs

impressive spatial depth due to innovative options

creative sounddesign with unheard reverb textures and editing tools

lively reverbs because of complex, non linear modulation

precise definition of distance with "aurally compensated" positioner (also for 3rd party IRs)

OS: Win.