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Toontrack - EZdrummer 2 2.0.1 and ALL EXPANSION
Toontrack - EZdrummer 2 2.0.1 and ALL EXPANSION

EZdrummer 2 - raises the process of creation of the drum tracks to a new level! The new version removes any barriers between you and your works, and presents several innovative features for fast and easy composing music. In EZdrummer 2 you can get from the initial rhythmic ideas finished, mixed and ready track impact.

Essentially EZdrummer is the younger brother of the wonderful DFH, which is very widespread in musical circles. The difference is somewhat simplified interface, where there are no unnecessary details, and less voluminous library of sounds. Sound quality programs differ little, although EZDrummer with 16-bit libraries. The program is already well-known scheme. Shell EZdrummer works as a VST plug-in that integrates already in the audio MIDI sequencer, type Logic, Cubase etc

The difference of the given program from the usual sampler library that this tool is a complete integrated solution, i.e. it provides not only sound, but also a special style patterns of the game as prepared MIDI tracks. Furthermore, the user has a sufficiently large field of activity in terms of creating a Studio sound picture, for example, to add the sound of the room in which the taped, to adjust the levels of microphones, removing the sound of drums. This is all very reminiscent of the work of a sound producer at the Studio, which not only uses the sounds of sampler library, and it creates its own picture of the sound of the drums.

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