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Jixipix Hallows Eve v1.0
Jixipix Hallows Eve v1.0

With the Hallows Eve photo app, you can easily create spooky Halloween scenes by dropping in scary-fun mix and match objects like skulls, jack o' lanterns, ghosts, tombstones, glowing eyes, ghoulish hands and more.

Start by selecting an eerie scene from the included presets or hit the randomize button for unlimited frightful toning effects. These thrilling dark effects combined with haunting Halloween objects are sure to send shivers down your spine leaving you screaming ... for more. When you're done conjuring your ghostly scenes, share your Halloween spirit with your friends on Instagram and Facebook. You can even add a HAPPY HAUNTING from the library of objects then send your spooky creations as an e-card. If you love Halloween as much as the folks at JixiPix, it will be a sweet addition to your bag of FX tricks!


Spooky photo toning along with the ability to move, rotate and resize a library of mix and match Halloween objects.


Misty cloud backgrounds for eerie atmosphere

Hauntingly cool photo toning

A Darken Scene slider

An Object Blend slider

The ability to SAVE PRESET with objects for future use

Tools that move objects from Front to Back

A RANDOMIZE button for unlimited frightful settings

Instagram and Facebook Upload from Mobile devices

OS : Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista / XP

Language : English

(Premium Recommended)

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