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iSpring Presenter 7.0.0 Build 6984
iSpring Presenter 7.0.0 Build 6984

iSpring Presenter 7 is a beautifully engineered piece of software that allows you to create professional mobile-ready presentations and take your authoring to a revolutionary new level. Perfectly Integrated with Your PowerPoint. iSpring Presenter 7 simply adds a tab to the PowerPoint ribbon, and instantly provides you full access to impressive e-Learning features that can swiftly build a complete course or an assessment.

Key features:

Support PowerPoint 2000-2010.

More than 180 PowerPoint animations.

Effects text animation (words or individual letters).

Support of all transitions from one slide to another.

Support for three-dimensional objects in PowerPoint 2007-2010.

Flexible configuration and management of players.

Support for embedded audio, video and Flash the original presentation.

Creating Flash banners.

Save all slides, resources, and player presentations in one Flash file.

Save presentations in formats like EXE, SWF, ZIP.

Ability to control the size of the presentation: control the degree compression of audio, video and images.

Display of notes, sketches, slides and the presentation outline.

Marker for drawing on top of Flash presentations.

Export presentations in formats SWF, EXE.

Create compelling interactive courses available for viewing on mobile devices.

Use all features in PowerPoint to the maximum

Record audio and video.

Add tests and surveys

Configure the player to view the course from any device



Trigger animation

  • 189 of 199 animation effects
  • PowerPoint 2003/2007/2010

All transitions between slides PowerPoint 2003/2007/2010

Animation in letters and words

  • Disable animations and transitions between slides

Publication and placement

  • Publish to upload any SCORM/AICC compliant LMS
  • Publication for TinCan LRS
  • Publish for LMS BlackBoard
  • Publication in DLS iSpring Online in one click
  • Publication in a folder on your computer
  • Publication on CD/DVD
  • Publish to the Web (FTP)
  • Sending of the course by e-mail

Playback and navigation

  • Generic Flash and HTML5 player
  • Various display modes video presenter
  • Multi-level navigation
  • Indicator download movie
  • Disabling the context menu of the Flash player
  • Change management settings, view the course using the keyboard
  • Export and import player setup
  • Disable navigation buttons

Restrict navigation

  • Branching on slides
  • Selection tool


Insert Youtube video

Adding an external Flash movies

  • Insert Web Objects
  • AVI/WMV/MPG/MP4 video clips
  • Support for mounting and trimming video in PowerPoint 2010
  • MP3, WAV and WMA audio
  • Support for mounting audio PowerPoint 2010
  • Add background audio
  • Support for playing sounds on pressing
  • Support sounds for animation and transition effects between slides
  • Management of multimedia compression

Support for PowerPoint capabilities

  • Vector representation of standard PowerPoint objects
  • Master slides with interactive elements
  • Hidden slides
  • Language support RTL
  • Tooltips to links
  • Slide notes
  • Actions on mouse over
  • Change the aspect ratio of slides

Protection of course

  • Password protection
  • Adding a watermark
  • Restrict lookup domain
  • The time limit

Audio/video support

  • Mediareader for management audio and video support

Record video and paste from a file

  • Synchronize one video with all slides and animations

Record audio and insert from file

  • Sync audio with slides and animations
  • Volume up / down

Formats ready of course

  • Combo Flash+HTML5 format
  • HTML5 format
  • Support iSpring App for iPad
  • Single Flash file (.SWF)
  • .EXE file - not requires Flash player
  • HTML page
  • ZIP archive

Additional features

Add speakers and information about the company

  • Attach files and links
  • Can be reviewed interactively
  • Set the presentation outline

Export settings and speaker information

  • Set statuses for LMS (LMS)

Creating tests

Convenient and clear interface

  • Creation of test with the assessment or questionnaire for the free answer

Import questions from other test

Import questions from Excel

  • Vozmozhnosti preview test

Execution of test

  • Select layout question
  • Change background color
  • Select the image or texture as background
  • Transparent background issue
  • Adding images and formulas
  • Set animations to reply
  • Multiple columns for answers
  • Change color, size and font style
  • Change message player and labels on the controls
  • Customize the color theme of the player

Test questions

  • 23 type questions
  • Alignment issues with the assessment and questionnaire questions on the same test

Information slides for explanation

Group questions

  • Shuffle questions and answers

Add video, audio, images, Flash movies and formulas in questions

  • Insert images and formulas answers

Test settings

  • Branching test depending on the correctness of the answer to the question
  • Branching depending on the selected answer
  • Notification settings depending on correct answer
  • The possibility of reducing the size of the files

Restrict media playback

Publish test

  • Single Flash file (.SWF)
  • HTML5 format
  • Combo Flash+HTML5 format
  • Publication formats SCORM/AICC/TinCan
  • Publish for LMS BlackBoard
  • Export to Microsoft Word
  • Backup

Track test results

  • Integration with any SCORM/AICC compliant LMS
  • Integration with TinCan
  • Detailed statistics in DLS iSpring Online
  • Send results by e-mail
  • Send results to the server
  • Printout of test results

Setting conditions tests

  • The number of points for each question
  • Number of points for each answer
  • The ability to accept partial answers
  • The time limit for completing the test

Limit the amount of time answer question

  • Number of attempts to complete the test
  • Number of attempts to answer the question
  • Penalty points for incorrect answers
  • Possibility to set a passing score
  • Recalculation of the results for the specified scale

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