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JixiPix RipPix v1.01
JixiPix RipPix v1.01

Created for the hobbyist but great for professional, this artistic app applies beautiful combinations of texture and tone to photos then brings focus to your subject in the form of a ripped paper effect. RipPix uses worn and stained photo effects to give your photo a nostalgic quality then gives you the ability to turn any subject into a center detail by simply tracing around on the image. Cut out a bird, flower, person or tree then size, rotate and move it around on the background photo to create a beautiful paper accent piece with soft shadow.


  • Worn and stained Photo Effect ranging from simple toning to full-blown distressing of the photograph complete with scratches and surface variations resembling an old or imperfect photo
  • Rip Effect for a hand-torn look around the edges of a traced photo
  • Cut Effect for a scissor-style cut around the edges of a traced photo
  • Border Outline to replace cut edges for a bolder look
  • Drop Shadow with adjustable shadow height and strength