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NewBlue Titler Ultimate v4.0 Build 151002
NewBlue Titler Ultimate v4.0 Build 151002

Create beautiful 4K & 5K titles fast with 40+ built-in styles and templates. Then quickly bring them to life with Titler Pro’s drag-and-drop animations. Dynamic titles in under a minute. Guaranteed.

Not a motion graphics artist? With new Titler Pro 4 you don’t have to be. Choose from dozens of premium templates. All included. Then change them on the fly. No exporting and importing. No hassles.

Use as a standalone app or in many major NLEs.

Discover built-in effects, transitions and animations for fresh looks and new ideas.

Create dynamic movement without motion graphics software using drag-and-drop animations.

Animate your existing designs and logos using EPS and PSD file import.

Once you’ve chosen your template, dial in the look you want a wide range of powerful controls. In no time, you can customize the color, shape, angle, lighting and more with Titler Pro 4.

Need to make a change across the board? It’s easy with Titler Pro 4′s Quick Edit™ window. Simply make your edits and every title in your project will update with little or no effort at all.