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Hetman NTFS and FAT Recovery v2.5
Hetman NTFS and FAT Recovery v2.5

NTFS / FAT Disk Recovery SoftwareLooking for a tool to recover an NTFS or FATvolume? Formatted the disk or deleted partitions? Boot disk or SSD drive no longer recognized by the system? Hetman NTFS Recovery will recover data even if the disk was repartitioned and formatted afterwards! Hetman NTFS Recovery restores information that goes missing after a storage accident. Formatted and repartitioned hard drives, deleted partitions, inaccessible disks or simply a bunch of deleted files and folders – Hetman NTFS Recovery can recover everything as long as the problem concerns an NTFS volume. The tool performs a comprehensive analysis of the file system, and can read the entire disk surface looking for any missing information that might still be available. The fully visual pre-recovery preview allows viewing many types of documents, pictures etc. with a built-in viewer. Finally, the user interface is so similar to Windows Explorer that you’ll never notice the difference – until realizing you’re browsing through deleted files!


  • Recoverable Files
  • Supported Storage Devices
  • Ease of Use
  • Data Recovery Engine
  • Pre-Recovery Preview
  • Data Safety
  • Saving Files Being Recovered