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Corel iGrafx Origins v16.4.0.1243

iGrafx provides a single solution to unite your business around delivering business value. The iGrafx Origins release is a new version of iGrafx that brings all the capabilities you need to a next-generation web-based platform for process excellence. Additional business information capture, increased decision support and ease of process and enterprise modeling: all are integrated in one streamlined solution for company-wide accessibility from anywhere.


  • Deploy, run and control more efficient processes
  • Create written process documentation in a click
  • Access laser-focused information when you need it
  • Accelerate Global SAP implementations with global templates
  • Web-based single point of entry for enterprise-wide accessibility and adoption
  • Enhanced Business Modeling for improved business knowledge capture and analysis
  • Powerful web-based reporting and dashboards for increased decision support
  • Model Integrity for better change management