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PixelPlanet PdfGrabber Professional

 PdfGrabber opens up a range of new possibilities for processing PDF files. Rather than having to accept the restrictions associated with this format, PdfGrabber enables simple conversion into a range of other file types. Edit PDF content in Microsoft Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint®.

Some Features of PdfGrabber:

• Export the contents of a PDF file in various formats (XLS, DOC, RTF, TXT, DXF / AutoCAD, PowerPoint, etc.).

• Extensive export profile settings.

• Select the output folder.

• Start the program from the command line.

• Automatic monitoring of the different incoming folders with different profiles of exports.

• Support for method Drag’n'drop.

• Export a range of pages (all from one to another individual).

• Export range of contents (top, bottom of the page, the beginning of the document, the end of the document).

• Selection of items to be exported (text, shapes, links, annotations, images, digital signatures, etc.).