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CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra v9.0.2413.0
CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW), today launched the latest version of its popular photo editing and design software, PhotoDirector. PhotoDirector 9 introduces a collection of new tools for creating photo art from videos and images, and combines them with powerful correction features designed to ensure that professional results are achievable by even photo editing novices.
An extension to Video-to-Photo capabilities enables users to quickly and simply create attention-grabbing Animated GIF images to share on social media and websites, while new Motion Stills static images that contain an element of movement offer creative users the opportunity to express greater depth and impact in their photos.
As cameras begin to proliferate, image support in PhotoDirector 9 enables users to import, correct and edit the immersive new medium. Users are able to create popular images that depict the contents of a photo as a free-floating orb, rather than a flat rectangle, while also sweeping panoramas to present an entire vista.
appeal lies in its ability for anyone with a smartphone or camera to make turning ordinary photos into works of art seem said Dr. Jau Huang, CEO of CyberLink. PhotoDirector 9, extended the creative reach even further, enabling it to leverage not only conventional images, but also images and video footage in order to craft extraordinary
Beyond creativity tools, PhotoDirector 9 also adds a powerful duo of image correction features to sharpen and improve clarity in photos. Dehaze eliminates fog, smog and haze from photos to create startlingly clear images, while Defringe removes the purple fringing that appears in images as a result of chromatic aberration.
New Product Features:
* Animated Quickly and easily turns videos into short, creative images
* Motion Create photos that are a mix of static image and video
* Photo Import, edit, correct and create in this immersive new format
* Image Instantly strip away fog, smog and haze that degrade image clarity, and remove distracting color fringes
* Photo Combine multiple photos into a single image with creative photo blending
* Content-Aware Move an object to a different part of an image by simply brushing over it and repositioning