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PentaLogix ViewMate Pro v11.14.1-AMPED
PentaLogix ViewMate Pro v11.14.1-AMPED

ViewMate Pro is designed for today’s power user. Now equipped with a DXF File Converter to give users the ability to convert Gerber to DXF and DXF to Gerber, ViewMate Pro has more value than ever before!


  • Smart DFM automated design for manufacturing check and correct
  • DXF File Converter
  • Import multiple net-list formats
  • Venting & Thieving
  • Filleting
  • Fill Polygons
  • Solder-mask Generation
  • Overlap Correction
  • Draw to Flash Pad Conversion

Snap to Padmaster:

  • Easily Quote and Order circuits boards within your design
  • Copper area calculation
  • Solder-mask generation
  • Copper pouring
  • Silkscreen clipping
  • Automated Venting & thieving
  • Board Cleanup Functions
  • One year of free technical support
  • And, much more!
  • Developed in cooperation with our customers

System requirements:

Microsoft Windows:

7, 8, 10 (32 & 64 bit)

Some of the designs have a mix of related shades; others have a range of colours that change to match and contrast with the colour scheme you pick – some of the combinations of these are gorgeous artwork that wouldn't be out of place on clothes or furniture and we're hoping to see tablet sleeves, notebook cases or Artist Edition mice to match.