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Adobe After Effects CS5 Plugins v2.1

These are working Plugins for Adobe After Effects for CS5.


Boris Continuum 7 CS5

DigiEffects CS5:

Aged Film, Atmosphere, CameraMapper, Damage, Fallofflighting, Freeform displacer, Freeform Mesh.warp, Freeform

Digital Film Tools CS5:

Composite Suite Pro, Power Matte, Power Stroke, zMatte.

Frischluft CS5:


GenArts CS5:

Sapphire, Monsters

New Blue:

Multiple hosts and CS5!

Red Giant CS5:

Magic Bullet Suite: Colorista I and II, Mojo, Looks, Quick looks, RED GIANT GURU PRESETS, Trapcode Suite, Toonit 2.0 and Trapcode suite for multiple hosts.

REVision CS5: Denoise v2, Fieldskit v3, PV_Feather v1.5, Reesmart Motion blur 4, Refill v2, Reflex 4, Repmap 2.0, Shade shape 4.

The Foundry: (Plugins available for Nuke 6.07)

Tiffen DFX CS5

Video Co-Pilot:

Film Magic Pro, Video Co-Pilot Twitch, Optical flares.

Please note: You must find the torrents which have the videos and product contents that go with these.* They are too large in file size, and I won't include them.* This will save space for the size of this torrent which is growing larger.

Wondertouch Particle Illusion for CS4 TRIAL:

Particle Illusion for Cs4 TRIAL ONLY: I have not found the crack for this yet, and Wondertouch has not released a CS5 version of this.* I will update this when it's needed.